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кто угадаеТТ, что это за тексТТ:

He is born in the post-singular of the new millennium. He is born with a smile... or happiness or pain. He is born in mask. It has already been explained to him "there", inside, that there is no other way here. Even if is possible.
The epoch of new existentialism is beginning. The epoch of contemplative resistance.The epoch of understanding by looking at others' eyes, the epoch of new intuition and instantaneous analysis of relations through the timbre of a voice on the telephone. Monochrome psychedelics is ruling again today.
Resistance has no general meaning. Resistance has your personal meaning. Likewise, just as there is meaning in trusting the conscious imagination of childhood, also do not be ashamed of your personal understanding of fairness. There are no general equivalents, there are similar presentiments.

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